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Meet the Leaders & Staff

trustworthy leaders are real people who love to serve you


Leaders at the crossing church

Leadership Matters to You

You care about leadership when considering a church. You know healthy things have healthy leaders (not perfect ones).


Leaders You Can Relate To

You want leaders you can connect with. The Bible is filled with great leaders who are real people with very real struggles. That’s what you’ll find at The Crossing.

The leaders at The Crossing Church are called elders. It’s the word the Bible uses for “pastors”.


Leaders You Can Look Up To

You need leaders you can respect. You won’t find perfect leaders here. But you will find leaders with character and integrity.

The elders at The Crossing Church seek to point you to Jesus with their lives and service.





Youth + Children

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Hannah Jackson

Administrative Assistant (part-time)

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Heather Watson

Administrative Assistant (part-time)

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