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understand who you are and its impact on how you follow Jesus


your Enneagram personality type

Discover Who You Are


Grow in self-awareness as you grow in following Jesus.

The Enneagram is a personality tool helping you understand the way you:

  • Relate to God, Relate to others, and Relate to self

Learn ways you may have been wounded by others, or how you may be unknowingly driven by guilt, fear, or shame.

Lack of self awareness handicaps our capacity for trust and deep relationships.

Take the Enneagram profile ($10). Then download the guide (below) corresponding with your personality type.


Enneagram Personality Guides

The guides help you enjoy Jesus more and discover insights for personal growth.


Type 1 The Good Person

Type 2 The Loving Person

Type 3 The Effective Person

Type 4 The Original Person

Type 5 The Wise Person

Type 6 The Loyal Person

Type 7 The Joyful Person

Type 8 The Powerful Person

Type 9 The Peaceful Person