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Helping teens understand how to practice the way of Jesus now (not later)


Making Jesus Real now (Not later) for Junior high & high school

Students at The Crossing Church


The challenge for your student is making good friends and making wise choices. Pressures and temptations abound.

Students need a group of peers and a place to work out what it means to follow the Real Jesus now. Parents need help guiding their students. And that’s where the student ministry of The Crossing comes in.

Students meet weekly in smaller peer groups with an adult and gather monthly for Collide.

Small, same-gender peer groups give your student a low-key place to be real and be known.

At Collide your student gathers with other 6th–12th graders to relax, play, sing and see how the Real Jesus makes all the difference.

Robert is our Student Pastor who loves helping students meet and follow Jesus.

Click the button and let Robert help get your student involved.